Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Jim Budman.  Jim is an
artist, collector and supporter of the arts.
His two large Venice studios are filled with the artwork of friends
and colleges collected over the last 50 years.  I met Jim
a year ago at a random art gathering and ended up spending
several hours with him wandering through his art space.
He collects all kinds of art, ranging from paintings, to collages
to found art.  Some of the pieces are from local artist he has met
while living in both New York and Venice.  Others are from world
renowned artist he has befriended over the years.  The most notable
of Jim's artist friends is JR whom famously pasted a photos of
Jim Budman's eyes to the side of a building on Abbott Kinney.


Today I met with Ubi to discuss the production of our upcoming
photoshoot for his new jean line UBI IND.  Ubi has put his
thumbprint on the denim business, while working for countless
top clothing brands.  His office is located at the Blue River jean
factory in Southern Los Angeles.  Blue River not only modifies
UBI's jeans but many other major brands as well.  It is mind
boggling to see the many different way they alter the jeans that
we wear everyday.  Some of these methods include, burning,
scratching, painting, stretching, melting and dying just to name
a few.  What an amazing process!